Magna Carta: The Foundation of Freedom 1215-2015

MC webMagna Carta: The Foundation of Freedom 1215-2015, by Nicholas Vincent


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This is THE book if you want to enjoy a highly illustrated history of Magna Carta!

Professor Nicholas Vincent is joined by a range of leading experts from across the world to reflect not only on its genesis, but also on its precursor texts and the fascinating and often entertaining stories of Magna Carta’s manuscript history, describing the many different copies and versions.

It became a totem in fierce political debates on the liberties of the people in the face of the tyranny of the King. As such, it acquired the status of a  sacred text for the English Puritans of the Civil War, for the American patriots of the War of Independence, and for all those in the English-speaking world who have struggled to build democratic rights and freedoms in the post-colonial age.

Large format paperback, 192 pages, published by Third Millennium Publishing, London (2015).

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