Walkern Magna Carta Fair, 27-28 June

by Janet Woodall on June 1, 2015

2015 press release Lanvalei Great HelmCome and join us in Walkern, Herts, for our Magna Carta Fair and Re-enactment – a weekend of 13th century fun, 27-28 June 2015.

With financial support from Heritage Lottery Fund, more than 200 volunteers have engaged in a variety of activities and events, uncovering a wealth of talent. New organisations and friendships have formed through shared interests – longbow archers in the Company de Lanvalei, skilled seamstresses making medieval costumes, embroiderers creating a beautiful ceremonial tabard which will be displayed in St Mary’s church close to the effigy of William de Lanvalei, French-speakers building contacts with Lanvallay in France whence came the Lanvalei family, Walkern’s primary school children enjoying their Knights and Castles explorations.

These talents will be showcased at the highlight of Walkern’s celebrations – a weekend of medieval fun at the Magna Carta Fair and Re-Enactment on June 27 & 28 at Walkern Hall. Entry is free: for more information and to download tickets, see www.walkernhistorysociety.co.uk.

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